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Ticketing systems developed by Custom Programming Solutions are computer systems designed forthe event management and management of institutions where tickets are sold.


Ticketing systems offered by Custom Programming Solutions – i.e. and Cinema Manager PLUS – combine reliable IT technologies with useful solutions, which enables the provision of comprehensive services to institutions offering participation in ticketed events, and consequently satisfies needs of both executives and clients. The systems make it possible for their users to sell tickets for any ticketed events, on the one hand and significantly improve the professionalism of services and management of the entire facility on the other.


TICKETING SYSTEM TICKET-SOFTWARE.EU is a customised tool wherever any performances, cultural, sport or other events, which require a ticket, are planned and organised. is not only designed for the on-line sale of tickets and the sale at the ticket counter, but also to keep statistics and generate sales reports.
The ticketing system called is characterised by the wide range of functionalities and the clear structure. Great emphasis, which has been placed on ergonomics while using Ticket-Software, results in a highly intuitive interface and the benefits from implementing the system are visible almost at once.

Benefits from using

ptaszek a comprehensive and innovative tool for managing facilities that offer participation in ticketed events
ptaszek significant reduction of time necessary to serve a customer and improvement of personnel’s productivity
ptaszek an extended module for analyses and reports
ptaszek XLOG – full access to the record of activities performed by cashiers
ptaszek an interface customisable by a user
ptaszek no restrictions as to the size or the number of rooms supported by the programme
ptaszek a possibility of individual modifying rooms and ticket settings
ptaszek minimising the risk of mistakes made by the personnel (duplicated tickets)
ptaszek work ergonomics and user-friendliness
ptaszek an attractive price

System feature:

A comprehensive tool –
starting from the creation of records and ending with the review of sales reports:

ptaszek quick booking and ticketing
ptaszek quick creating and editing of events
ptaszek services for individual and group customersh
ptaszek editing of ticket patterns at your discretion
ptaszek an extended preview of the calendar with a list of all events
ptaszek creating and editing of rooms at your discretion
ptaszek adding rooms with both numbered and non-numbered seats
ptaszek a possibility of selling extra seats, while the audience is full, in no time
ptaszek a possibility of cancelling both single and all reservations for a given event
ptaszek advanced customer data editing and management functionality
ptaszek a possibility of creating VIP seats
ptaszek preliminary bookings without defining a customer
ptaszek a possibility of selling extra goods and services, such as: souvenirs, gadgets, promotional products etc.

More than 80 kinds of detailed reports:
Clear reporting of all events with specification of their time and profitability as well as a functionality of data exporting:

ptaszek Generating detailed sales reports:
  • periodic settlement of cashier’s salary
  • periodic settlement of a given event
  • settlement of an employee for a given event
  • sales reports on a particular event
  • accounting reports (total sums and numbers of tickets)
  • on-line sales reports
ptaszek generating reports as .CSV and .XLS (MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc)
ptaszek issuing sales documentsh
ptaszek full compatibility with the majority of commercially available fiscal and ticket printers

On-line booking and ticketing
A web module includes a mobile version supported by Smartphones and tablets:

ptaszek quick booking and ticketing through the Internet
ptaszek a possibility of integrating the system with any electronic payment system, e.g. PayU, Przelewy24 or, or crediting a bank account with payments, based on bank transfers
ptaszek a possibility of sending group email messages to customers
ptaszek creating an independent website (with your logo and graphics selected by yourself), by means of which customers will be able to book and buy tickets for events organised by your company

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Cinema Manager is a complex computer system, which supports the sale of tickets in cinemas, theatres, cultural centres, museums, sport facilities and any other institution organising ticketed events.
The main task of the Cinema Manager programme is to automate the booking and ticketing process and consequently to reduce unnecessary costs resulting from mistakes and time-consuming activities repeated on and on by the personnel. Practically speaking, it means an increase in revenue from ticket sales and improvement of customer service quality.
Cinema Manager has been developed by the CPS Custom Programming Solutions software company in cooperation with a cultural centre, based on the expectations analysis of employees of departments such as: management team, administration, sales and marketing, but first and foremost the programme has been adjusted to the clients’ needs. The key to success of each institution is to identify and meet customers’ requirements as well as to enhance their satisfaction and gain their loyalty.

As you can see, Cinema Manager embraces only useful solutions and its interface can be described as simple and highly intuitive. In order to meet your expectations towards our offer, at the request of our clients we can customise a programme to their individual needs, included but not limited to: modifying rooms, editing reports, tailor-made designing of graphics and website layout etc.

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