About Us



At Custom Programming Solutions we develop and implement highly specialised and dedicated IT solutions intended to facilitate the company management as well as to provide services and IT support to business clients. We offer original software solutions designed for the industry and manufacturing sector, business, culture and recreation.

We cooperate with companies of small as well as highly sophisticated organisational structure, which are in search of highly specialised IT solutions to optimise the use of company resources and processes being executed at the enterprise.

Thanks to our key assets, i.e. knowledge and experience gained during the realisation of plenty of projects for specialised software, our programmes are unfailing and professional, which consequently makes it possible for us to provide support to technical organisations, whose requirements are above standard average.

Our headquarters are situated in Dzierżoniów (Dolnośląskie Province), but we also provide services in collaboration with our business partners and in the form of remote services throughout the whole country and abroad.

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