CPS Custom Programming Solutions provides unique software solutions dedicated to the following business needs:


Software for industry


Software for business


Software for culture & recreation


Customised software

Software Development Process

Interpretation of needs

First of all, we try to get to know better your visions, ideas and needs. When we manage to accurately interpret your demands, we will be able to offer you specific solutions and start specifying objectives of the project in order to achieve the set goals and to meet all requirements.


At this stage, we give you an overview of our suggestions concerning either the selection of software or the development of a dedicated system, i.e. a creative concept. In the latter case, we prepare for you a draft project, taking into account mutually agreed objectives and goals. This stage will not come to an end until the software, which has been developed in close cooperation with your company, has entirely satisfied your expectations.


Upon approval of the project, we proceed to create the final product – i.e. a customised software solution, whose primary objective is to achieve all the set goals and to meet all the expected requirements, thoroughly tested in order to obtain such a software system, which you will be proud of and pleased to use for many years.


The system developed and tested in such a way will be applied in your work environment. Upon the software installation and the completion of professional training designed for staff in charge of operating the system, you will already be able to start working with new solutions provided by our team and, if necessary, to make desired alterations to the system.

Technical support & service

Our work does not end at the moment the system has been developed and implemented. To meet your expectations, we are also willing to provide you with technical assistance and training when you have already started using the programme. For all our products we offer a manufacturer’s guarantee. Since we understand that clients’ needs are constantly changing, we make it possible to adjust and add new features to programmes also during use of software.

We offer you software solutions created on the basis of expertise and more than 10 years of experience, dedicated to business companies operating in diverse sectors:
ptaszek Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP) ptaszek Supply Chain Management (SCM)
ptaszek Warehouse Management ptaszek Logistics
ptaszek Customer Relationship Management and Human Resources Management (CRM/ HRM) ptaszek Business Process Management (BPM)
ptaszek Mobility ptaszek Facilitation and Improvement of Business Management (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning)
ptaszek Sales & Invoicing ptaszek Business Intelligence (BI)
ptaszek B2B Platform ptaszek Bookkeeping/Accountancy
ptaszek Personnel & Payroll/td>

ptaszek Project Management
ptaszek Workflow ptaszek Culture & Recreation
Moreover, we also provide service and technical assistance.


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